5 amazing ways to help charity from your house

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We all have busy lives and it’s sometimes hard to find the time or motivation to help your desired charity, especially during the winter months when all we want to do is drink chai and stay warm inside. To help plant some light bulbs, here are 5 amazing ways to help charity. These are ideas on how you can make a difference without even leaving your home.

Amazing right?

1. Donate Online
This one is the most easiest way, you can do this without getting off the sofa – even from your mobile phone by SMS. You can support us via our online VirginGiving donate page here. You can also setup a monthly donation within a few clicks here.

2. Volunteer
You’re probably thinking ‘how on earth do I volunteer from my house?’ Well, as well as volunteering being an active thing – charities also need volunteers who can work on things such as their website design, flyers or even doing some online admin work. If you have a special skill and think you can help us, email the Volunteer team ( and they’ll put you in touch with the correct team!

3. Give as you Live
We all love a little bit of online retail therapy now and then don’t we? Give as you Live is an online shopping portal, and their aim is to turn web shopping into cash for charities. When you buy something from a store by going through their portal, a percentage of the money you’ve spent goes to Give as you Live, who then pass on the money to the cause of your choice, less a percentage commission. This means that you can buy all your Christmas presents (yes, it’s coming to that time of year) without leaving the house, and do your bit for charity at the same time!

Give As You Live

4. Spring cleaning
We all have things at home which we don’t really need or use, why not round up all the books you are not going to read again, the clothes you haven’t worn in years or the TV that’s just gathering dust and donate them to a great cause. You can donate items like this to your local charity shops.

5. Sell via online auctions and donate the proceeds
My final method in raising money for great causes from your home is online auctions. You can use auction websites like eBay and donate unwanted gadgets or clothings. Auction websites are fairly simple to use, you just need to input your asking price, photos and production description. Once you’ve collected the money, you can donate this online to whichever charity you’d like to support. This way you can get rid of old items and also help make changes all around the world.

So, how are you going to make a difference this Christmas?

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