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Back To Work – Educated Mummy

Degree holder and in employment, I was now embarking on a journey nothing can really prepare you for, motherhood. Everyone can give you an encounter of their experiences and how they managed or adapted to the new role, but until you are actually in it you really don’t know. Studying and working was a major part of my life but this new role was about to take over.

After the birth of my second child, I considered whether or not returning to the working world was something I wished to submerge myself back into. Lots of questions trailed through my mind. Will I cope? What about child care? Will my children be happy? How much will it cost me?

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Already struggling with day to day living costs, I decided that if I wanted the best things for my children, including their first steps into education, I had to work for it and I made the tough decision to return to work. I did however set myself one condition; my children will not miss out on activities they should be doing with their mum.

With this in mind I decided I will return to work part time ensuring that my working week and mummy week was split up fairly, and so far so good. I get to spend quality time with my children doing activities with them so they have those memories. I also get to earn a living and enable myself to provide for my children that little bit extra.  The kids have made new friends at nursery which I believe has vastly improved their social skills.

This is a dilemma many women face in the developed world, work vs family. We spend all those years educating ourselves and working hard and then face the decision of whether to give in to our maternal instincts. I am grateful that today’s modern world has given us options and that we do not have to make the direct choice between working and having a family.

With all in consideration, it has been an excellent decision and I am glad I took that step. I feel much better in myself and happy with how things have worked out. I am happy at work and I’m a happy mummy at home!

By Evelyn Akinmusire

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