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Because I am a Girl

There are many organisations and NGO’s that work to tackle the inequalities that the girl child faces all over the world; one of those is Plan International. They initiated the “Because I am a girl” campaign.

So many adolescent girls are denied an education and forced to provide for their families instead. Be it at home or by getting married at a young age, which then leads to childbirth before the young child herself is ready. With an education comes opportunity, power and control to make decisions of their lives. Girls know this, they know they need the opportunity.


Plan International have a wide reaching campaign, backed by many famous faces. Nina Wadia, Larry Lamb, Freida Pinto and Angie Greaves to name a few. They have worked all over the world not only on specific community cases but by also focussing on legislation changes.

What we cannot imagine here in the West is that loss of power to make our own decisions, we could not imagine not being able to choose who to marry and when. We cannot comprehend not having an education and having to work from the age of 10 instead. Having children right on the cusp of puberty; this is a reality for too many girls in the world. Support such campaigns to ensure we can put an end to it all. Let’s not let the children of the world suffer just because… she is a girl.

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By Dilisha Patel


  • Pawan Mathur says:

    Dear CAREducation

    I am interested in sponsoring children in their education. Is this the kind of thing you guys do? If so how can I send money for this or what is the process?
    Yours sincerely

  • CAREducation says:

    Dear Pawan,

    Thank you for your kind words of support, we have direct donate links at the top of this page. We shall be in touch with you directly with more information of how you can be involved. Thank you once again for your support.

    Warm Regards,

    CAREducation Trust

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