CAREducation would like to pass on a warm thank you to Bhagyata Kinger, student at Imperial College London for her support and fundraising for us.


“The thought of donating my hair to charity first crossed my mind after I cut my hair back in 2005. Unfortunately, the hair had been cut by then! When I came to university, in my first year one of my seniors donated her hair and it reminded me that I still had to do it. 2 and half years later I kicked the laziness away and decided to finally cut 11 inches of my hair.

The opportunity came as the Imperial College Hindu Society (ICHS) was organising Sewa Week (an annual week of fundraising andvolunteering). I decided that it was time to cut my hair on 4th March 2016. ICHS has historically supported the work done at CAREducation.”



bhagyata-hair-pictures-3 bhagyata-hair-pictures-2

In 2013 another supporter of ours Mala Patel did something similar….. READ MORE

We welcome everyone to do interesting things to raise funds and awareness for our cause and projects, feel free to contact us at

Once again a hearty thank you to Bhagyata.



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