CARE Sky Dive 2013

On the 16th of March 2013, THIS Saturday – Sachin, Bhavik, Janvi, Kushal & Kushan will be flying to about 15,000ft in the air and then throwing themselves out of a plane!

So you may ask – why do this audacious task?

We are embarking on this adventurous dive to raise money for CAREducation Trust UK. We have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to a free education and feel that this is a right all children around the world should have. As we all know, education is which that liberates and by providing an education to these poor children; it will give them an opportunity to break away from poverty and make their futures more prosperous.

Are we scared?

Believe it or not – we hate heights, yet we’ve somehow convinced ourselves to jump from 15,000ft in the air. Pray for us and wish us luck!

For us, this is another one of our crazy ideas which we will pull off and it will be over within a matter of minutes; but the funds we raise will support the children in ways you cannot imagine. It will provide them with an education which will change their lives forever, and that is our ultimate aim.

Any amount, little or large can go along way in making a difference to a child’s life and give him/her a fighting chance at a better future. Please bare in mind that all costs for the skydive are borne by ourselves so every penny we raise really will make the difference.

Please support us and together let’s inspire change…

You can donate online, or via TEXT – All you have to do is text CARE64 and the amount you want to give to 70070.

Thank you to all those that have support us and donated so far.

CARE Skydive 2013

“Every year I want to do something exciting and adventurous for charity so this is my challenge for 2013! I am a little scared but I can’t wait to fly up there and knowing it’s all for an amazing cause close to my heart, makes it special.” ~ Janvi

“As I count down each day, my body is pumping with adrenaline; my mind is fearful; but most importantly my heart is eager and waiting for that moment of diving from 15,000ft in the sky. The response and donations we have had are overwhelming, and will make every second of it worthwhile, knowing that this dive will make the worlds difference to the children out there, and change their lives forever.” – Kushal

“I personally think that giving back has played a vital part in my personal and business success to date and of course, love a good old challenge! To be honest, it hasn’t completely sunk in… but our goal to help those AWESOME kids will be achieved!” ~ Bhavik

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“How I volunteered and signed myself up to jump out of a plane at 15,000ft, I still don’t know! I lose sleep at night wondering if this is real or am I dreaming? And then I get asked by friends and family, how I’m feeling and I see the donations coming in. Suddenly it all becomes real and you realise that you are doing this to make a difference in a childs life. A child who had no choice but was born in poverty and without education. The fear of jumping out of a plane very quickly becomes  a lot more appealing than being put in the position of the children we are helping.” ~ Kushan

Having finally realised how my upbringing has been so privileged. I’ve decided to give back and help supply children with the most essential tool kit in life – an education. While thinking of ways to make a difference, I thought what’s my greatest fear – heights! So naturally enough I’ve decided to jump out of a plane at 15,000ft to help them! Though I may be petrified about the audacious task at hand; it makes me gleam with pride as to how the donations will help these amazing children! ~ Sachin

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