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CARE-ing Women

Recently I had the fortune of seeing Malala Yousafzai speak at the Royal Festival Hall in Southbank. The 3 words that I would use to describe Malala are humble, charismatic, leader. When she spoke, in front of a captured audience at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank, the 16 year old delivered an important message through her witty anecdotes: That education is the key to equality between males and females.

This education needs to begin right from the start. The principles that Malala spoke about struck a chord with the words of another inspirational woman, who I have had the opportunity to spend some time with.

Sawurnaben Banjara retired from her job at the Kenyan UN and set up a school in the Gujarati town of Savarkundla with her husband, Dr Bhashkarbhai Banjara. The ethos of the school mirrored what Malala spoke about. Boys and girls were treated as equals from pre-school. Both sexes had all activities and classes together and were given equal opportunities to present in front of the class and participate in activities. At the end of the day the children cleaned the classroom and toilets between them and the rota spread this work evenly amongst all the children, regardless of whether they were a boy or a girl. Splitting the housework – something that even Sheryl Sandberg would be proud of!

If you would like more information about CAREducation and the Savarkundla school or you would like to volunteer, please contact   By Sajni

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