CARE Project Update: Bilimora

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CARE is helping to reconstruct and maintain a residential hostel, which provides the Adivasi (tribal) children of the Dang area full residential care. This provides them with residence in close proximity to the local schools.

 CARE supports families who would not be able to afford hostel fees by providing their children with residential support so that they can attend local schools. Without accommodation and other daily care, these children would not be able to attain an education.

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Bilimora, CAREducation Trust

Latest report: July 2013

Building Work Report

The core building and plasterwork has been completed, along with plumbing and bathrooms.

 Flooring, doors, windows and all electrics remain, and work will continue soon as the rains stop.

Hostel Report

  • There were 53 girls in the girls hostel this year, they achieved a school result of 90%.
  • There were 43 boys in the boys hostel this year, they achieved a school result of 69%.
  • The boys and girls that didn’t pass, failed in only one or two subjects that  they have an opportunity to re-sit.

It is interesting to note the success rates of the girls in comparison to the boys. In a society that often discriminates against girls in education, we can show that the girls are as important, successful and determined as the boys if not more. CARE works to eliminate gender inequalities and give girls an equal opportunity.

Children that come from tribal regions have poor literacy rates and those who come from financially unstable families are given priority for admission at the hostel. These children are also further assisted with their education with varied methods of learning, to help them achieve higher results.

“The hostel facilities available for the children of the tribal community are due to the support of CAREducation Trust UK which is a blessing for all of the children and our organisation.”

Bhagubhai Darji, Bilimora

Supporting children in India - CAREducation Trust, Bilimora

Currently construction is in process for the boys hostel that was damaged in the earthquake of 2001. They have been living in dire conditions awaiting the completion of this project.

The girls hostel requires similar refurbishment, but was not as badly damaged as the boys hostel hence priority was given to the boys. Please donate and help us to give them an equal opportunity of comfort so that they may succeed

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