As we celebrate this auspicious occasion, we express our sincerest gratitude for your continuous support. Your kindness has kindled the flames of knowledge and opportunity, bringing joy and meaning to the lives of many.

CAREducation Team

HBCA School

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

This project reaches out to many children from the Himalayan region, particularly from the Zanskar region, who would not otherwise have this opportunity to attain an education. We ensure that no child is turned away. The centre can now accommodate up to 350 children.

During the Covid period, the residential school faced water supply issues due to a regional drought. To address this, a borehole has been drilled, ensuring a fresh water supply. Recent developments include the completion of 6 guest rooms, science labs, an access road, a play area, and a senior children’s hostel. To enhance security, we are supporting the construction of a protective wall around the campus, which is set to begin soon.

Looking ahead, the school aims to expand its education up to A Levels (Standards 11 and 12), accommodating higher education students in the hostel. Plans involve establishing a vocational training centre and integrating high-tech education.

Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

Bhuj, Gujarat, India

At the disability and rehabilitation centre in Madhapur we continue to support the running costs of the centre. 

The satellite centre in Lakadia is also fully operational providing physiotherapy and care to young children.

Adivasi Sanskar Mandal

Bilimora & Ambheta, Gujarat 

The Bilimora project in Gujarat for children from highly deprived families in the Dang tribal area, the girls’ hostel has been completed. The hostel provides comfortable accommodation for nearly 100 girls.

With the same organisation we have pledged to completely renovate the school and hostel in Ambheta, Surat district, supporting underprivileged tribal students up to standard 12 including further resources to to support students pursuing higher education by providing resources like computers.

BAPS Ukai  

Dang Area

A partnership with BAPS Swaminarayan of Ukai in the Dang district aims to build multipurpose halls in eight local schools lacking proper dining, kitchen, and assembly facilities. We are currently looking for donors for these projects.

Auro Technical School

Tororo, Uganda

In Uganda, we have supported Auro Foundation to complete the second phase of the vocational training centre, enhancing the classroom space for new courses to be introduced and accommodated as well as providing other amenities. We have provided £26,800 for this phase and are exploring a separate project to build a hostel for 100 girls who travel from distant villages.

Project CARE

We are proud to say that ‘Project CARE’ volunteer students have recommenced the programme at the centres in Bhuj and Manali. Some 12 students went to Bhuj and 6 to Manali in 2023. ‘Project CARE’ is now an independent registered charity and will be looking at expanding its volunteering activities elsewhere including Africa.

Amara Trust

Nairobi, Kenya – Amara Trust

With a local charity based in Nairobi we have sponsored the building of two classrooms at the cost of £20,000 at a very deprived school in a rural area. A further sum of £32,500 was remitted to build classrooms at Kitengela Magereza Secondary School. With our local charity partner based in Nairobi the charity will identify further deserving projects in Kenya. We have also provided donations to our partner charity, Amara, to enable them to provide food parcels to children and their families who were suffering because of lockdowns due to covid-19.

Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Mombasa, Kenya

In Mombasa, we have provided funds to the Cerebral Foundation for the building of a second floor to provide more space and facilities for the vocational training centre for children suffering from disabilities. Substantial support was also given by the Lions Club of Enfield.

Sapling Trust

Mombasa, Kenya

The children who attend this school have different needs and require different kinds of therapies. The school focuses on literacy, numeracy, cognitive, fine motor skills and physical therapy. Each child receives individual attention, and their support plans are in place in accordance with their needs. We continue to also sponsor disabled children at the Sapling Trust in Mombasa.

Rainbow Unit, Utange School

Mombasa, Kenya

Together with our local partners ‘Make a Difference Schools Mombasa’ we have built a unit at the Utange School to provide up to 180 children with special needs a unique and life changing opportunity to learn one of 6 trades (catering, tailoring, craft work, carpentry, welding and IT). The children are doing well and appear to be enjoying their training. The shamba continues to produce crops and some bananas and paw-paws which help with the meals and provide some income for electricity and water.

If you would like further information on any project, please check out our website or email us on and we will get back to you.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your support. We will be continuing to support our projects, and we will need your ongoing support too.

With warm regards
CAREducation Team

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