Education: Privilege or Right?

Education is a right
Visiting India has been a real experience for me. My holidays have allowed me to travel through various locations which ranged from the main cities to deep into the villages. Through my travels the biggest eye opener has been when I visited the original homes of my grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors.  I remember as soon as we arrived many of the locals had surrounded our mini bus, perhaps because they were so excited to have visitors from the UK. As I walked around the village I was amazed and shocked to see the way in which people live.

CAREducation: providing an education to the underprivileged


From this I realised how much we take for granted. Being quite young myself I thought that all children go to school. It was not until I saw only a few children out of the many dressed in their uniforms, making their way to their schools. This is when I asked my dad, “Why are only some of the kids going to school?”. My dad went on to explain that not all families could afford to send their children to school. This made me realise how lucky I am to get a free education. Many children and young adults who have the chance of a free education take it for granted. However,  I am quite sure if some of these children from the village had a chance to be schooled they would be more than eager to learn. We always want to have the latest technology, from computers to mobiles, whereas the children in these villages do not have any of these and yet they are so happy and never fail to smile. So just take a minute to think how much an education would change their lives for the better.

Education is a basic human right

 Education is a right

This is why I was quick to join the CARE Youth Team. Joining the team has allowed me to do everything I have wanted to do, to help, plus more. There is a big difference in doing something alone and doing it as a team. As a team we are able to do more than a single person can do, allowing us to raise more awareness, to give more children a chance to an education. If you would like to join the team or you would like to do some volunteering, please visit our volunteering page

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