Volunteering is a formal, unpaid and structured activity which provides individuals with an opportunity whether it be locally or internationally to share their knowledge and talents whilst developing other skills by taking on exciting new challenges. It contributes to the development of the community, the charity and the volunteer.

CAREducation works with grassroots charities in India and Africa to help make a difference. At our projects, we identify areas in which specific skills are required from volunteers to address the needs of their beneficiaries. Anyone above the age of 18 is welcome to get involved!

People say knowledge is power and you gain this knowledge by reading books. However what you learn from the children at these projects and the experience you gain is something that you cannot learn from a book! Every moment, story and experience shared with the children opens up a new door of life not just to you but the children as well.

You may wish to spend some of your time in India or Africa as an independent traveller. This is perfectly acceptable and we believe it will be a valuable experience, to help build your confidence to travel and help you develop a range of life skills for the future.

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One person can’t change the world, but you can sure change the world for one person.