1. Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  2. Volunteers must be responsible for their own health and safety and if they are currently taking any medication, applicants may be required to produce a letter from their Doctor that the applicant is fit to go on the volunteer trip.
  3. Volunteers must have a valid visa and any required entry documents for the country they intend to visit. CAREducation holds no responsibility for a country’s refusal for entry.
  4. Volunteers must be responsible for their individual international travel and will check that their flights are on schedule and if delays are expected.
  5. CAREducation holds no responsibility with travel insurance concerns and claims must be taken up with your insurer directly. Failure to comply with travel insurance standards will result in a refusal of participation.
  6. Volunteers must be respectful of their peers, fellow guests at the hotel and hostels, the children, staff at the school and the local people.
  7. Volunteers should respect the local customs, when in school and interacting with children.
  8. Volunteers should adhere to meal timings and dine in the dining hall. Meals will not be served in hostel rooms.
  9. Volunteers should adhere to school timings and perform the allocated tasks without disturbing the routine school timetable.
  10. Volunteers should not enter the children’s rooms or dorms, or be alone with a child, under any circumstance. In case of emergency, please contact a teacher and alert the organisers.
  11. Individual gifts e.g. food or any other items must not be given to the children without the permission of management.
  12. Volunteers must not provide the children with cameras and individual printed photographs.
  13. CAREducation may use pictures/footage of any group for marketing purposes on the website or for future presentations and documentary. If participants have any objection, they must state so before the trip so necessary amendments can be made.
  14. Volunteers must be sensitive when taking photographs on the trip and ensure that subjects’ permission is asked beforehand.
  15. There are no other restrictions on suitability to partake other than medical or physical conditions that may impact directly on the individual themselves, other members of groups, members of the projects, CAREducation Trust insurers, CAREducation Trustees and stakeholders.
  16. In the event of any uncertainty the decision or advice of CAREducation trustees will be final.

The children at the centres are very affectionate and respond overwhelmingly to little gestures of friendliness and love so it is the responsibility of volunteers to ensure that they behave in an appropriate manner with children at all times. Ensure your code of conduct adheres to the conditions outlined on this form and give the children a guarded response.