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Gulaab Gang

Recently Bollywood has focused on a hard hitting issue, women’s empowerment. We are shown a glimpse of the terrors some women face around the world. Although history tells us the existence of a real Gulaab Gang, the directors have publicly state this is not the life story of ‘The Gulaab Gang’ leader, Sampat Pal Devi. Yet we can use this opportunity to discuss what we feel regarding the real issues of injustice women face. From domestic violence, to rape, to dowry demands, to female infanticide to social injustice, women have faced them all, and why? Because she is a woman, she was born with the power to nurture and give birth, to love, to show her emotions. Biologically she is the weaker sex? Physically she is the smaller sex?

Here is a trailer of the recently released blockbuster.

What we love about Bollywood is its ability to use fame and their fanatical fan base to raise an important issue to the main stage. This time they have paired two iconic actresses, Madhuri Dixit & Juhi Chawla, who have never before shared screen space, thus attracting a wealth of viewers. Then subconsciously, or well less subconscious in this case, the producers instill messages of injustice right in time for International Women’s Day.

In recent years there has been much focus in the asian continent of gang rapes and violence against women, this can only fuel this struggle against inequality. We hope it doesn’t fuel further violence, but rather further encouragement that we have reached the time of change.

Women of the World 2014

By Dilisha Patel


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