When I realised what a positive impact yoga had had in my life, I felt a burning desire to teach it and spread it. I wanted to take something that was so powerfully life-changing and make more it accessible to as many people as possible, starting with those closest to me.

Yoga resulted in increased energy, tranquility, and looking more in shape than ever. When I was feeling the grind and close to burning out in the rat race, I ventured to ask life for more. After-all, it is our duty to find happiness. I trained as a yoga instructor in Mysore with some inspirational teachers and discovered both the spiritual and physical world of yoga. Since then I have continued to expand my horizons both in meditation and further yoga training courses at Triyoga. I am merely at the start of an infinite, lifelong journey and I invite you to come and share in the voyage.

Following training, I started teaching close friends and family and from there the PranaClass community is organically growing. I have discovered a true passion for teaching yoga. Harvesting the energy of my calling, I want to create an environment where all students can come together and practice this ancient art together. Whether its your first lesson or you are familiar with a dictionary of Sanskrit postures, I invite you to participate. I firmly hold freedom, love and spirituality at the heart of the yoga. Music, laughter and movement combine to allow the inner child out and thus we can escape the daily churn.

Yoga is for all!

“Donations from classes go towards CAREducation and we hold other special events like Yoga Brunches and YogaRaves where the community comes together and we can donate together”

Spirituality is the gift that we carry inside!


Please email me to find out about classes or to inquire about private yoga – sajni.lakhani@gmail.com / https://www.facebook.com/PranaClass/

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