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In the wake the 2001 earthquake in Bhuj, CARE launched its first major project by partnering with Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal to help build a centre to provide an educational and stable environment for the naturally challenged children and help to explore their raw talents. Recently, the students of this centre have been taking to sporting activities ranging from cricket, swimming, roller skating and shot put as well as engaging in musical competitions!


Four teams in the district participated and demonstrated how being visually impaired does not stop one from playing cricket. One team even qualified for the Inter District tournament! With the support of the Special Olympic Committee another 350 mentally challenged athletes participated in 60 other sporting activities such as swimming, roller skating, power lifting and bochi at State level competitions. Additionally, 219 orthopaedic handicapped persons participated in cricket and athletic sporting activities where several medals were won including a bronze medal at State championship!


Khel Maha Kumbh, a sports competition held for those who are less able was organised whereby up to 174 visually impaired individuals participated in 31 games such as 100 metre race, disc throw and chess etc. Furthermore the winners received cash prizes for their triumphs!

As part of the birthday celebrations of Swami Vivekananda, 58 visually impaired individuals also took part in a music competition varying from participants playing classical music to patriotic songs. The talented winners will also be receiving cash prizes by the State Government.

To celebrate all the success of the students and teachers alike, an annual function was held in December 2013 where the highest achieving students in final exams and those who won prizes in National and State level competitions were honoured with trophies and certificates. Teachers and organisers were also merited with awards for their outstanding duty of care.


Those who are less able are often the ones who are even more determined to succeed than those who are able. The motivation of these children to take part in such sporting and musical events just shows how driven and grateful these young individuals are. CARE aims to empower the young through community and society based activities and with your help further success stories can be achieved. Why not donate today and help continue to make that difference in a child’s life?

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