In partnership with our local partner Amara Trust in Kenya

Set Up: 2017
Mbooni, Kenya
Number of Children Supported:
Age Group:
Type of Education/Assistance: 
Special Needs Boarding School

In 2016 an exchange program was initiated between the teachers and students of both Kyangoma and Agape Hope Centre, this was to share skills and integration for all involved and proved a huge success.

The plan for 2017 workshop is :

  • To send 3 new students from February to March to stay at Agape for 2 months.
  • March/ April Holiday, the 5 graduates ( old students of 2015) go for refreshers and learning of any new skills.
  • May to July – the 3 students return or 3 new ones will be enrolled, depending on how the first batch performs.
  • July – August – the 5 return to see if they can get any internship in Nairobi.
  • September – Novemeber – 3 students will attend the workshop, either old ones or a new batch.

We noted a great improvement in the self esteem, confidence, communication skills and overall presentation of the five students who spent about 10 weeks at Agape over the 3 school holidays. They are now teaching their peers beadwork, washing the dorms, kitchen care and agriculture and kitchen garden care. The school is looking to part employ one of the boys in the kitchen from late 2017 or early 2018. This was heartening news and we are now even more determined to push the Kyangoma team to pay extra attention to the students.

To motivate the 5 graduates and ensure that they practice what they have learned at Agape, Amara has pledged to pay their school fees for one term.

The aim of Kyangoma school and Amara is to ensure that the students get employed either by the School BOM or learn to generate income and do locum jobs.

Pastor Oliver at Agape will also try to get them temporary jobs in Nairobi to help them integrate in the society.

Below are photos of the student of Kyangoma learning vocational skills at Agape, and with the aid of Agape students producing their own wash basins and desks.