MBCT Bassi Pathana – 2012 Report

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One of CARE’s newest projects is in partnership with the Meher Baba Charitable Trust (MBCT) located in Bassi Pathana, Punjab, India. Here is an update on the centres activities.

Vocational Training Centre

Bassi Pathana, Chandigarh - India

  • Rug-making and fabric-painting have been added to the syllabus at the Vocational Training Centre, giving students an additional opportunity to learn skills which they can then turn into a livelihood.
  • This also allows them to provide a source of income for their families and in turn gives like minded women aspiring roles within community.

Hockey Nursery

  • The target of covering training expenses for 36 boys and 36 girls has successfully been achieved.
  • Five very talented girls have been able to attend a national hockey training camp with the support of CARE and MBCT.
  • Two younger exceptional players have been given the chance to study in a public school specialising in hockey training, enabling them to receive better education and essential skills to enhance their potential future hockey careers.

Gaganpreet Kaur & Manmeet Kaur - Bassi Pathana, Chandigarh

Having visited the hockey training grounds myself, I have seen how much these children love playing the sport and how grateful they are of the support they are receiving. All donations received definitely contribute to a smile on these kids faces!

Healthcare for locals living below the poverty line

  • Essential medication is available free of charge to local members of the village who are living below the poverty line. They would otherwise not be able to access such services and vital treatments.
  • Existing medical services have been increased by adding an extra medical clinic. There are now 2 clinics per month run by specialist Doctors. This means villagers can get continuous specialist advice and therapy for preventable conditions which can be routinely monitored.

On behalf of CAREducation and the Meher Baba Charitable trust, we would like to thank you for your continued support. Together, we can make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged.


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