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My Mum, my friend: Happy Mothers Day

A mother is someone who will answer all your questions without asking them, solve your problems without explaining them and be there no matter the hour to ensure her child is safe. Without a doubt, mums are everything. Mine is an absolute god-send. She has been my biggest inspiration and one whose traits I hope to match in the future.

As an India born child who shifted to the UK, my mum has always been there to ensure that I never part ways with the culture. I grew up watching the journey of my parents from the struggles of setting up a business in a country where they couldn’t speak the language to the success of building a safe and concrete foundation for both me and my brother. Within the first 10 years of being in the country I had already moved houses 7 times, and I can only imagine how difficult this was with 2 young children. Despite these stresses, she never compromised on either our health or safety. This was when I witnessed the skill of efficient multi-tasking first hand.

Whilst attempting to secure a future for both me and my sibling, I have seen my mum work long hours in the convenience store alone whilst my dad would be working in another convenience store, the difference was my dad didn’t have to put up with the demands of 2 easily bored children. She has seen us turn the convenience store into a playground, seen us ride bikes around the shop floor (which would frequently result in breaking something), yet she would let us carry on as she felt that we were missing out on the joys of childhood because of the long hours they would put into the convenience stores. It was very rare that we would eat as a family when I was a child, but I still recall to this day my mum rushing in out of the shop to make me and my brother food whilst the shop was empty.

She would fulfil our smallest wishes and our biggest demands within reason. I thank my mum for making me the person that I am today, for constantly following me like a shadow and still continuing to worry whether I’ve eaten or not at the age of 20 (despite being taught how to cook by her). After moving to university, I understand that a mothers love has no limits and is totally unconditional.

As a child I failed to understand the sacrifices my mum would used to make, if there was 3 bhajiyas left she would claim that she was full so that we could share them between ourselves. She would rather sit and listen to me and brother argue than go out with her friends. Just an example of the unconditional generosity of a mother.

No matter how much I try to sum up her involvement, words will fall short. My mum is my best friend, she understands me better than anyone else and has been there through the fun, laughter, joys, sorrows, success and entire journey.




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