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In my mum’s day… Happy Mothers Day

Too often we have heard the story of our parents and the famous lines, “in our day..” I too have been witness to this, but when I actually sat down and listened to what “their day” really was like I was in shock and awe.

Mum being the eldest of many had early life responsibilities, looking after the younger siblings so that both parents could work. She would go to school, come home to cook, look after the younger ones, and then do her homework late into the night. When she grew old enough to work this was just added to the above chores. She would work in the evenings, do homework till the early hours and then try and catch a few hours sleep before being up early to start all over again.

I recall stories of when times were hard and she would pretend she was full so others could eat more. She would go out to the market with her dad and pretend she didn’t want a new toy or shoes knowing food was more important. The sacrifices our mothers have made to ensure the family wouldn’t go without are endless. My mum fought to study, she ensured she didn’t let her household chores suffer but again added in night school and evening classes to educate herself.

Mothers infographic

With her education she has choices, she is self-dependant, she has freedom. All because she fought to get educated and qualify in her profession, working hard to progress and provide for herself and her family.

Then comes the time when she becomes a mother and all her priorities change, then it becomes about her children. She will be up to care for us, she ensures we work hard, study hard, as we have so many more opportunities than they had. Opportunities we do not appreciate. She pushes us to study to make sure we can succeed in life. So we can have the same freedom and opportunities.

Mother and Child, Mothers love

When we are older and feel we are adults, she still nags us and moans at us, as we see it, but she is just mothering us. She gives us the unconditional love, she makes sure we are okay. Her heart and mind are not at peace until we are okay. It doesn’t end there, when she becomes a grandmother, she finds all that love and care as if it was her first born. Their love and care never ends. As much as we try we will never truly understand a mothers love until we have children.

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums out there.


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