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One Billion Rising

The last few years have been big for feminism; from fighting for women’s rights, to campaign against violence against women. Is it because it is the new hot topic? Is it because of the rise of the digital media? Or is it after centuries of living in a patriarchal oppressive world, it’s finally time for change?

The global change isn’t only about women rising for women, its about men rising, its about us all rising for humanity. This global revolution is the first of its kind.

This video shows some of the issues that women face, female genital mutilation (FGM), slave labour, sexual violence, domestic violence to name a few.

2013 saw the world’s largest global rising. People all over world, in over 200 countries took part in One Billion Rising.  It was a phenomenon, to see how we can come together as a global community to make a stand.

“This isn’t woman’s fight against men, it is humanity’s fight against injustice”

This year on V-Day, the call was reiterated, people all over the world stood together, protested together, danced together, to show the world we will rise for change. The act of “rising” is echoed in many aspects of the protest of changing injustice to women. It has been mentioned in a number of our blogs this month, through our review of Nirbhaya’s story and our article on the “Because I am a girl” campaign. The metaphor of rising is to evoke unity, strength and overall standing up together to change and overcome centuries worth of injustice.

Here are some example of those that came together to rise. There is a community, there is a gathering, there is momentum, I believe that the time has come and soon oppression against women will be an item of history. It can only happen if we RISE together.

By Dilisha Patel


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