Agape addresses matters of housing, provision of basic needs, education, guidance and counselling, and a feeding program to orphans and vulnerable children in Waithaka area.

Year Setup



Dagoretti Slum, Nairobi, Kenya

No. of Children Impacted



Orphanage / Primary / Secondary / Hostel

Local Partners

Amara Charitable Trust

Agape Hope Children’s Center was started in the year 2002 and was registered as a community based organisation in the year 2003 (CBO.No.095) and as a societies charities in 2014 (serial No./72085,)(

Since its inception, Agape Hope Center has been involved in activities and program that are designed to help orphans and the most vulnerable children in their area of operation. It is located in Waithaka location of Dagoretti district behind Muthamaki shopping centre off Kikuyu road.

Agape are conscious of the alarming increase in cases of child neglect and abuse in the area. These have been linked with high costs of living unemployment, domestic violence leading to high levels of poverty in the area. This has placed the organisation in a state of high demand to help these innocent children live a normal live.

The orphanage hostel caters for orphans, needy and children from poorest families; children living in the home are provided with clothing, food, and all other amenities. They are also given quality education at the school. There is a feeding program. Children who school at the centre are given lunch and ten o’clock porridge. This is after realising that most of the children in the area are not going to school due to lack of food. Currently the school is offering its services to over 350 children from the surrounding.

The school is special and different from others. It is designed to offer an affordable quality education to the orphans and children from poor families in the area. Orphans and vulnerable children from families that we see as destitute are given education free of charge. To decide on the cases whether are destitute the service of a social worker is utilised.