Amara has undertaken the rebuilding of the whole school. CAREducation has is supporting the construction of infrastructure supporting the physically challenges students.

Year Setup



Mombasa, Kenya

No. of Children Impacted



Nursery and Primary School

In 2016 an exchange program was initiated between the teachers and students of both Kyangoma and Agape Hope Centre, this was to share skills and integration for all involved and proved a huge success.

Local Partners

Amara Charitable Trust

Local Partners

Amara Charitable Trust.

Our Impact

We supported the construction of classroom, which were much needed.

We are very grateful to the entire CARE team to have contributed to the very much required building of classrooms at this school. The students have promised to work even harder and we have been assured that there will be no shortage of teachers in this school. Some of the classrooms will be used for adult education (parents, single mums, widows and elderly) during the evenings.”

Manisha, Trustee, Amaara