Alleviating gender inequality to provide an English medium school to create improved opportunities for all children. Giving orphan girls facing poverty a chance to be treated equally rather than as inferiors within the Indian society.

Year Setup



Kolkata, West Bengal, India

No. of Children Impacted



Primary & Residential Hostel

Local Partners

Pranab Kanya Sangar

Prior to Our Involvement

Limited educational facilities with no infrastructure

Our Impact

We supported the building of the first floor of the school. We support their ongoing initiatives such as a mobile medical unit which supports the poorest surrounding villages.

“I was touched by a visit in the Kolkata slum, having seen many in Mumbai as i grew up, where the school we eventually helped build; once again targets girls from the poorest of the poor. Their enthusiasm to survive against all odds and be grateful for what they recieve naturally touches the heart whilst comparing the creature comfort an average teenager gets in this country. The building are clean and inviting and its hard the teachers and helpers which shines through during the short visits.”

Bharat Parmar