Project Grace supports the local community and their children with learning disabilities by the means of education, providing skills and building confidence; bringing a sense of purpose to children and adults with special needs.

Year Setup



Adaklu, Volta, Ghana

No. of Children Impacted

Over 150


Learning Disabilities

Local Partners

We work with the local community who look after Project Grace.

Prior to CARE’s Involvement

CARE initiate this project after Kiran Dattani Pitt and Michael Pitt identified the needs for special education for children and adults with disabilities.

CARE’s Impact

CARE has built a centre to cater for children with learning disabilities and have handed the running of the centre back to the local community so it can be sustainable without CARE’s support. There is a resource centre for adults with learning difficulties where they are taught vocational skills.

“The goal with Project Grace is to educate, provide skills, build confidence and bring a sense of purpose to children and adults with special needs. By creating new facilities within a mainstream school and a learning resource centre, we will enrich the lives of children, young adults and parents well beyond what is possible today.”

Kiran Dattani Pitt & Michael Pitt, VSO Volunteers, Project Co-ordinator.