Sthanapati School is located in Nilkantha-10 (Jyamrung), Dhading at an altitude of 1450 metres. This school was partially damaged by the earthquake leaving only 2 classes standing. The ethnic groups living in this area are Brahmin, Chhetri, Magar, Damai, Kaami, Saarki as well as Newar.

Year Setup



Nilkantha 10, Jyamrung, Nepal

No. of Children Impacted



Primary & Secondary

Local Partners

Tukee Nepal Samaj, Hope4Nepal

Prior to Our Involvement

The current state Jyamrung was extremely vulnerable. The locals have been living in shelters since the earthquake hit Nepal, struggling to assemble enough funds to rebuild their houses and schools.

Our Impact

The reconstruction work at Sthanapathi School is proceeding smoothly. The locals are elated to see progress in construction. The children are eagerly waiting for their new school building to come up. Sthanapati is the third school to be rebuilt by joint efforts of Build-up Nepal and Hope for Nepal. The project contains rebuilding of 2 buildings with 2 classrooms each.