The only English medium school in the area, covering approximately 15 villages, to provide provides free education, meals, full medical check ups, vocational courses and agricultural training. This project has been partly sponsored by The Lions Club of Southgate.

Year Setup



Thamna, Gujarat, India

No. of Children Impacted



Primary / Secondary

Local Partners

Local Village Council, Thamna Health and Education Trust

Prior to Our Involvement

Local English medium schools were too expensive for the locals to attend.

Our Impact

We are committed to ensure that all local children have the opportunity to attain an education, therefore we built a school that offers affordable education to children living in over 15 surrounding villages.

“The difference that this school will make to the lives of the children from poor backgrounds is unimaginable. It is the first time that most locals will be able to afford to send their childrento be educated.”

Bharat Solanki