Children with learning disabilities from poor families have little hope of a stable future in Kenya. The Rainbow Unit project will give these children basic education, life skills, and the opportunity to be trained in one of six trades, in a specially designed unit attached to the Utange primary school in Mombasa.

Year Setup



Mombasa, Kenya

No. of Children Impacted



Vocational Training

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Make A Difference Schools Mombasa

Prior to Our Involvement

There are over 200 young adults in the Utange District with special needs. With no training available, they currently have no future prospects.

Our Impact

In conjunction with the school, we are building a unit which, in addition to a basic education, will provide up to 180 of these children a unique and life changing opportunity to learn one of 6 trades (catering, tailoring, craft work, carpentry, welding and IT).

Latest Updates

Despite several challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made great progress to date, completing construction of the main structure for the Rainbow Unit.

An additional £5,000 is required to complete the classrooms with fittings, fixtures and equipment to ensure all the necessary facilities are in place to support these children and make a real difference to their futures.