CARE developed centres that provide free after school educational and basic nutritional support to underprivileged children in the local area.

Year Setup



Panch Mahal, Gujarat, India

No. of Children Impacted

Over 700


After School Tuition

Local Partners

J. M Shah, was an ex-headteacher who coordinates the project in collaboration with the Luhar Gnati Mandal

Prior to CARE’s Involvement

Many of the children did not have time or space to study. Many girls who would  have had to complete household chores, taking up most of their time, before being allowed to study.

CARE’s Impact

CARE provide after school facilities to ensure children are provided with the support of highly qualified teachers and adequate space to study. All children have their progress monitored and relayed to their mainstream school via their yearly results and reports. Nutritional snacks are provided for the children to improve their diets and have a positive impact on their learning.

“Visits to the tuition centre confirmed my belief that CAREducation Trust UK are providing that vital lifeline to an impoverished lot whose chances of success in life would be rather limited without formal education.”

Bharat Parmar