There are over 200 young adults in the Utange District with special needs. Children with learning disabilities from poor families have little hope of a stable future in Kenya. This is where we can come together to support a local organisation and provide these children with an opportunity they all deserve.

We have partnered with Make a Difference Schools Mombasa, for this construction project, to build a special needs unit within the grounds of Utange primary school. In addition to a basic education we aim to provide up to 180 of these children a unique and life changing opportunity to learn one of 6 trades (catering, tailoring, craft work, carpentry, welding and IT). A chance to learn vocational skills to take forward with them in life.

Despite several challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made great progress to date, completing construction of the main structure for the Rainbow Unit. An additional £5,000 is required to complete the classrooms with fittings, fixtures and equipment to ensure all the necessary facilities are in place to support these children and make a real difference to their futures.

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