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Raise your voice, Make a stand

Over the coming weeks you will see articles written by guest bloggers from all over the world that have shared their views and opinions on aspects of Women of the World. You can interact with our authors through commenting below the articles or through social media; please do share your thoughts on their work.

The topics will range from violence against women, to cases of personal experiences, to opinions of an occurrence. All writings are down to the authors opinion and views and are not of the charity itself. We are providing the platform to which others can share their views on why Women of the World are important and what we can do to “be the change we want to see in the world”.

Kids at Manali

We here at CARE believe it is important that everyone has a voice and is given the opportunity to raise that voice. Issues relating to women and girls are pivotal in the development of the already developing world. Hence we would like to raise light to such issues. We also believe that education is the key to many of these issues. Teaching children from a young age to be able to recognise right from wrong as well as academic education, can help to develop the minds of the future. We aim for our supported centres to focus on academic, vocational and life course education. Helping to develop a population that can change our present for a better future.

Although our focus this month is on women and girls, we understand the importance of equality and each child we support, regardless of sex, is given the same opportunities; after all our mission is that every child deserves the opportunity of an education and a life free of abuse, poverty and discrimination. We understand that these are the footfalls and the beginnings of a life that can rapidly progress to inequality, disrespect and injustice. Raising a voice is the first step to change.

Please do help us to make this dream a reality by donating to our cause, help support us to make a difference in a childs life, that can inevitably change the world.

Welcome to CAREducation Trusts’ tribute to “Women of the World”

By Dilisha Patel

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