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[Satire Part 1] 50 million missing daughters and why they are not missed?

We have a two part blog over the next couple of days by Karthika Nair, a student from University Kerala, India. [Disclaimer: The article is satire. Most of the writings below are based on the real life commentary. Why should I make anything up?]

Since the time immemorial, humans were created after thousands of years of evolution. Different religions were formed and legends were made and in time every single community got one common idea. Women are the “inferior sex”. Thus the initial step of patriarchy was born. This idea also evolved along with technology and development and eventually it made people do the “honourable” things like dowry deaths, rapes, female foeticides and female infanticides.

We have over 50 million missing but the question is, are they really missed? Of course not!

Why should they be missed? They were murdered for good reason. You feminists are misleading all these well respected people with the notion that women are humans too. That’s not true ladies, in fact customs and traditions are more important than a woman.

Here are some solid reasons for the forfeiture of 50 million females.

1. Dowry

50 Million Dowry

Dowry is a perspicuous tradition. It was practised for over thousands of years. It is one of the biggest sources of income for the boy and his parents. Besides it is the boy who is educated and going under exertion outside the house. So you should pay him well. Extra cash should be given to extremely good looking ones.

If you don’t pay the dowry then the in-laws have every right to torture you, embarrass you, make you drink urine or phenol and eventually burn you to death. Then the smart ones will tag it as an accident or suicide and get away with it. Since this is a tradition, many religious leaders are against the idea of criminalizing dowry claiming that the age old customs are being polluted. Don’t these parents with male children have dreams as well? After all they carried him safely for 9 months hoping to get their hands on this pile of wealth.

2. Rape

50 Million Rape

Come on! Already the number of women are less and don’t these boys need to relax after all that exertion? Prostitution is discouraged and one does not get the chance every day to sleep with young and pretty ones that they could afford. As it goes, women are denied to go out at night, if she does then she is blamed.

So why make your daughter suffer? Now that the number of gang rapes are sky-rocketing, the daughters are forced to lose everything to more than one random stranger. Her virginity is more important than the beating heart and the multi-talented brain she possess. That’s what every religion is teaching us.

So put her out of misery at birth itself. The parents of the perpetrators are probably thinking “My son sinned. I am socially murdered along with him but at least I killed my daughter and saved her from embarrassment”

Yeah people don’t have sisters. Then the brothers will have nothing to lose and can do anything he likes. Judging by the number of gang rapes, it is estimated that if one girl is dead then a gang of boy’s future could be saved. Killing that girl at birth could have saved the 13 men including the head of the panchayat.

3. Women are born to marry in an expensive wedding

Steven Appleby's cartoon to illustrate the equal right to marriage.

I mean really expensive. Girls should not only give away a fat dowry (how many times should one mention this?) but she should also live a very expensive life. She is forced to leave her parents and live with the in-laws. She is lost from the family hierarchy by changing the surname. If it is an inter caste marriage then it is the girl who is supposed to sacrifice her religion.By killing girls, all that can be avoided. Since the girl is forced to leave the parents to live with the in-laws no one will look after the parents. That is why we need the boys because, he and his wife will be there to look after you. He will fetch you dowry and therefore, there is double luck.

4. Women are limited and men are versatile.

Women are born to marry and reproduce. While men can do anything he likes. He can become an astronaut or a movie star. He can be a sports player and be the superstar. Women don’t have that kind of recognition. Shakuntala Devi, Dicky Dolma, PT Usha, Saina Nehrwal, Barbara McClintok, Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie etc. were all born to marry and have kids and just let the man do their work.

Educating and marrying a woman off is expensive anyway (how many times should one mention this?)

I’ll see you tomorrow for the next part of my story.

By Karthika S Nair


A zoology student in MG University Kerala, India. Her passion is to write and to critique. She identifies as a feminist and also supports nature and animal rights.

Kerala, India

50 Million missing image:, a global campaign to end the ongoing female genocide in India.


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