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[Satire Part 2] 50 million missing daughters and why they are not missed?

A continuation and final part of Karthika’s story. Click here for Part 1.

5. Women are inferior sex.

50 million inferior

This is a very solid reason. Women are weak because they have less androgen compared to men. They can take any effort. They are not aggressive. They can’t tolerate any critical situation. Women like Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Rani Lakshmibai, Unniyarcha etc. were all illusions. Michelle Yeoh jumped on to a moving train using a motor cycle. But that was an illusion. Ng mui is the founder of the powerful martial arts form called wing Chun Kung fu but that was also an illusion. Jordana Brewster pulled down a plane using a speeding car but that is definitely an illusion.

Women tolerate 65 lbs. pain to give birth to a healthy baby, this is an awesome illusion. Men can’t even tolerate 37 lbs. pain then how much can you expect from the inferior sex? Even if she suffers from 65 lbs. then by killing her she will be rid of that big burden.

6. Human trafficking and prostitution.

50 million trafficking

Women can’t go for honest work away from home because of this issue. Such high income can’t be expected from them. Many boys demand access to younger and prettier ones that they could afford, or else they will pull out the guts of an innocent woman. Since girls are the ones trafficked then by aborting the girls, no trafficking and no embarrassment. Even though the sons lose their virginity, acquires viral infection, motivate more pimps or impregnate any of these women, it can’t be as bad as losing a daughter to such an event. After all boys will be boys, just leave them be.

7. Attacks and “no one will marry her” policy

The life of a woman is like a balloon. It is very easy to burst her. All you need is a sharp penis or maybe an extra sharp tongue and a clear set of teeth. And of course, you need enough guts to murder yourself and your family before the society and the media. Like that you could ruin a woman and no one will marry her. If nobody is read to do so (for free) then obviously a woman’s life no matter how talented she is, it is useless. You know Helen Keller, Oprah Winfrey, and Ellen DeGeneres, sigh! Nobody is looking up to women like them.

8. Feminism is a joke or they are perverts.

Feminists are criticized or they are declared as jokers. Women have no right to speak out demanding their rights. All these years feminism took us nowhere, right? There are no girls studying in schools and colleges. They are not participating in any competitions and definitely there is not even a single woman who is strong or bold enough to stand for elections! People believe that they can’t have a normal “happy” life as a feminist. For revealing the truth and defensive facts, they are sometimes tagged as Misandrists or female chauvinists.

50 million feminsm

Male chauvinism never existed after all. Even women make fun of feminists, especially the male feminists. To make things worse if this society runs out of sarcastic words then they will just criticize your writing skills or speech skills, thus they’ll further recommend that your place is in the kindergarten.

See I just mentioned a few long reasons. So why take all that pain and bring a girl child into the world of the wretched ones eh? Killing a human being is a crime. Abortion is considered as a murder but if it is a female then you are not breaking the fifth commandment, it is a “sacred” ritual.

Masculine society will thus lead to a better development. Men invented all those scientific and technological gadgets. So even if the female population goes down abnormally then don’t worry, as long as we have these scientific minds out there something will be worked out. Women could be created artificially by totipotent or tissue culture. Or maybe they’ll use the development to create a sex environment artificially for satisfaction so that guys don’t have to worry about “banging”.

Or why create women at all? Just synthesize men artificially using stem cell or gene therapy so no more women will feel ashamed of their gender, no worries, no more rubbish from the feminist freaks and we have everything necessary to live.

So all this justifies why the 50 million guilty females were murdered. No, when it comes to gender it is not a murder, it is an honour killing. Therefore it is not a tragedy but a happy ending to the existence of ovaries.

50 million last

By Karthika S Nair


A zoology student in MG University Kerala, India. Her passion is to write and to critique. She identifies as a feminist and also supports nature and animal rights.

Kerala, India

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