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Through the years women have struggled to make themselves be seen and treated as equals through the eyes of the world. After years of fighting for their rights, after the evolution of suffrage, the digital world still succumbs to this…

This was found from a genuine google search and was promoted through the United Nations as an example of today’s sexism. We need to move away from what women should not be doing and look at what they can do.

Women of the World

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Try this yourself, see what your google window brings up for you when you type in, “Women need to…”, “Women Shouldn’t…” “Women cannot” We hope this is a wake up call for all to show how far we have yet to travel for gender equality. By no means is this the view of all, but if it is the view of some, we still have work to do. Support equality this Women’s day.

By Dilisha Patel

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