Dear Supporter,

In these difficult and unprecedented times, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting everyday life, we hope you and your loved ones both in the UK and around the world are well, keeping safe and following the government guidance by staying home where possible.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you and your community health and peace. Right now, we wanted to share an update with some announcements and project updates just so you are in the loop. We are doing our best to continue to serve our projects as best as we can.


  • All Project CARE and other volunteering trips are unfortunately postponed
  • All UK based social events are postponed, this includes the Natak on 25th May

Project Updates

We have been in communication with all of our ongoing projects to ensure that their needs are met and that all the staff and children are as well as can be during this time. As our continued and faithful supporters we wanted to update you on their circumstances.

Navchetan Andhjan Mandal

Madhapar and Lakadia, India

All except 10 children have returned home to their parents and villages and the school remains closed. The 10 children remaining are orphans, they are being looked after and isolated at the centre. In Kutch, in general there are not many cases of Covid and currently there is no shortage of sustenance.

HBCA School

Manali, India

The school is closed, however the children who board cannot return home due to the roads being closed. They are being looked after in the school and no one from outside of the school is allowed to enter. The school has received a letter of appreciation from the BJP for looking after the vulnerable children in these difficult times.

Winner School

Madhya Pradesh, India

The school is closed as per the Government instructions. There are farmers and laborers in the fields as it is a harvesting time for the rabi crop . They are maintaining social distance and other good practices. The village itself has quarantined itself from outside contact. As some laborers come from far, the village administration has made arrangements for their stay and food separately in government schools and other institutions

Cerebral Palsy Foundation

Mombasa, Kenya

The centre has closed and the children are back with their families, at first home visits were possible but now consultations and advice are being provided over WhatsApp to ensure the families are supported. There is some local government led aid in the way of food parcels which are being distributed in the local areas.

Bilimora Girls & Boys Hostel

Gujarat, India

The hostel and local schools are closed until further notice and the children that were staying at these hostels have returned to their families. Local organisations such as BAPS Mandir are distributing food parcels to the families who live in the tribal Dang regions. The Principal is also in constant contact with the children and their families where possible to ensure they are keeping safe and well.

Sapling Trust

Madhya Pradesh, India

The center has been closed since 16th March as per Government directives. The staff have been sending programs and assignments through e-mail and WhatsApp to help and ensure the children do not regress. All staff, students and trustees are safely at home, and keeping in touch by phone.

Auro Technical School


Auro Foundation is committed to the health and safety of its students, and in compliance with the Government of Uganda’s directive, they have closed down the educational activities for the period of a month, pending further governmental instructions. Additionally the students have been educated on basic hygiene and social distancing measures to protect them during this time.

Amara Charitable Trust

Kajiado County, Kenya

At the moment it is unclear when the schools will reopen, however Amara intends to give food five times a week instead of three times a week, when the schools reopen. At the moment all teachers, students and parents report to be fine at home.

If you would like further information on any project, please visit our website or email us on and we will get back to you.

We would also like to thank all the key workers that are working hard to keep everyone safe. We are very grateful for your service.

The recovery from these times is going to be difficult for everyone worldwide, the biggest impact will be on those less fortunate than ourselves, therefore please keep them in mind and we welcome any support and of course donations. We also greatly encourage anyone who may have ideas on how best we can support the underprivileged as we come through this global pandemic, please get in touch if you have any ideas and would like to work together.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your support. We will be continuing to support our projects, and we will need your ongoing support too.

With warm regards
CAREducation Team

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