VIDEO: My first charity car boot sale – Priyen

The Teams
Team 1 – Nayen Priyen and Hetal
Team 2 – Kushan, Nirav, Janvi, Dilisha, Ronak, Bhavik, and Neeral

Charity Car Boot Sale in London

So this was my first ever charity car boot sale. Sleeping late on the night before and then waking up at 3-3:30 in the morning was crazy. Getting to the venue at 4:30, we thought yeah we would be one of the first on site. But no, we were one of the last. But we still remained positive, until we got our plot; apparently a bad one according to Kushan.

5:30: Started getting the tables and tarpaulin out. When Dilisha brought out a table without legs, that was a good start, but we had numerous more. 6am, and we had already made our first sale to the guy next door. This made us feel really positive in believing we were going to make something of the day.

The Cars: One with a lot of commercial goods; One with 100’s of brand new books, and a third with 2nd hand goods. Although there were 3 cars, we displayed our stock across two pitches. So essentially it was 2 teams.

CARE Car Boot Sale - 2013

We had a strong start, then suddenly Ronak went and sold a large quantity of Wilkinson blades and other items and started bringing in the “big bucks”. We reached £100, and felt proud. Then asked the other team and Ronak said: oh I got £100 in my pocket and this lot in the cash box.

“Desi Del-Boy” (Nirav) then started bellowing around the area selling things really cheap, Kushan joined in. As it was our first car boot sale, we felt a bit embarrassed to start shouting. Suddenly a huge crowd started gathering around the 2nd hand goods and people bought in bulk.

CARE Car Boot Sale - Kushan

The heat was on – temperature and competition. After a while we tried to attract buyers by shouting offers, but possibly a bit too late. Midday-we then were swapping items between the two sides and items began to go quickly. We quickly reduced the prices on everything, and got even more people to look around and spontaneously buy. The adrenaline began to pump again.

In the end we manage to raise £255 ourselves from the event and the other team approximately £350. So a grand total near £600 in just one small event!!

Overall a fantastic day, many of us with suntans, an experience never to be forgotten, although it was team against team, we all united throughout and had a good laugh. You really then appreciate what you are doing for a charity; those children who will benefit, who will smile for your efforts.

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