CAREducation Trust has recently commenced supporting the Sapling Trust Foundation, which supports and nurtures children with special needs.

We visited the Foundation on Wednesday 1 April 2015, on behalf of CAREducation Trust with Mona Doshi, a local resident and a Founder Trustee.

We were warmly welcomed by Mrs Winnie Muanzi, a Founder Trustee and her team who operate the Foundation.

We visited the class rooms, therapy centre and the sensory centre all of which were well equipped and saw on display various items made by the children. At our time of the visit, all the children were on their morning break playing in the school’s garden which also has a play area and a swimming pool. We spent time with the children who were all happily playing in the garden – these memories are captured in the photographs below.

The Sapling Trust Foundation endeavours to teach and support these children from the youngest possible age and develop them to their highest potential. They operate in small classes and tailor made individual support sessions to give maximum help to a child. These programmes would not be possible for many of these children without the support of The CAREducation Trust and similar organisations.

On behalf of CAREducation Trust, we made a presentation for the continuing sponsorship of 5 children at the Foundation which was greatly appreciated by the Trustees.

We will always treasure the memories of our visit to the Foundation – our admiration of the staff for their patience and dedication and the happy and smiling faces of the children.

Ashok & Rekha Sodha

Mombasa, Sapling Trust

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