When mother nature strikes, it’s our duty to help it’s victims

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An average of 20 major storms or typhoons hit the Philippines every year. This developing country is vulnerable, as it is often the first major landmass for the storms after they build over the Pacific Ocean.

Typhoon Haiyan is estimated to have destroyed about 70-80% of structures in its path as it tore into the coastal provinces of Leyte and Samar. It was a maximum Category 5 storm with gusts of up to 235mph.

Majority of the damage and deaths were caused by huge waves that inundated towns and swept away coastal villages. The destruction in Tacloban city, on the east coast, is said to be reminiscent of the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Over 10,000 people are feared to have been killed with a further hundreds of thousands displaced. Aid agencies have estimated that about 10 million people in the region could be left needing aid. There is currently no food, water or electricity. We can only imagine how much worse the situation will be for families living in towns and remote villages and our hearts go out to all the victims of this disaster.

‘Two out of five bodies being found are of children.’

Philippines after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan

UNICEF estimates that 4 million children could be caught up in the typhoon They are sending nutritionally-rich food for children, health kits, water and hygiene kits to support up to 3,000 families in the affected areas.

What can we do to help?

“The best way we can all help is by supporting the charities and church groups who are already operating in the worst hit areas, responding to their immediate needs for food, water and shelter, beginning the hard work of rebuilding the communities that have lost everything, and keeping them constantly in our prayers. Together, we can bring new hope to those who today face utter desolation. We are rushing to get critical supplies to children who are bearing the brunt of this crisis,” said Tomoo Hozumi, UNICEF Philippines Representative.

Help us save lives and make a difference. London charity.

Here in the UK miles away from the disaster we can only appeal to donate and help aid agencies reach out to those in need. Millions of children and families have been left devastated and we’d like to help in any way possible, in particular partnering with a local charity to rebuild schools. CARE helped provide schools for children affected by the Bhuj earthquake in 2003 and we would like to do the same for the Philippines. These children should be given the opportunity to rebuild their lives and move towards a positive future.

For more information on how CARE can help local partners please contact us at

To make a donation to the DEC Philippines Crisis Appeal visit, call the 24 hour hotline on 0370 60 60 900, donate over the counter at any high street bank or post office or send a cheque. You can also donate £5 by texting the word SUPPORT to 70000.

These children need our help more than anything else. Together we can change lives.

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