Why Focus on Education?

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There is a ripple effect to providing an education.

Educating one child can change the prospects for a whole family.
Educating a whole family can change the prospects for a whole community.
Educating a whole community can change the prospects for a whole population.
Educating a whole population can change the world one generation at a time.

Bharat Solanki, one of our Trustees, shared an inspiring story about a farmer’s child from a school we supported in Savar Kundla:

‘One day, a farming family need to go to a clinic in the town. However soon after they set off they realised that finding the clinic was a challenge as both the parents were illiterate and could not read the road signs to direct them. Their child was fortunate enough to attend school and kept telling his father ‘Papa, I can read I can direct us’. But his father was stuck in his ways and ignored the child, thinking that he is just a child what would he know. Eventually the child convinced his parents to let him lead the way to the clinic. This instantly sparked a change in the mindset of the parents about the importance of an education. This is the start of the ripple effect first hand.’

Learning Life Skills

At our centres, we do not just provide academic education but also focus on teaching children the life skills they need to survive such as hygiene, nutrition, ethical values, vocational training etc.

In 2018 a UNESCO study found about 263 million children, adolescents and youth worldwide (or one in every five) were out of school. For every 100 boys of primary school age out of school, there are 123 girls denied the right to education. Together we can bring a change to this.

Trustees Thoughts

Here are some thoughts from our trustees:

‘Nothing can have the impact that education does. Education is like a second pair of eyes for a child. For example a child blind can be born with eyes, yet still have no sight. An education could give this child the opportunity to explore the world through a different lens.’ – Lalji Varsani

‘Education is the start and it’s the foundation. It impacts lives from a very young age, especially in deprived remote areas. An educated child can improve the lives of everyone they touch like a snowball effect.’ – Kaushik Lakhani

‘I didn’t get the chance to complete my further education so I wanted to give that chance to others. Education opens doors to many opportunities for a child, especially for the girl child. We want to give them the equal opportunities which they deserve.’ – Nitin Shah

Ensuring we educate the next generation is a global priority, join us to help make that difference today.

Get Involved

Join us in celebrating the power of educating and empowering girls and women over the next few months. We will be sharing blogs with personal experiences from our supporters and some inspiring stories. If you would like to write a piece for our website, share some photos or videos, simply email