CARE Invitational 2019

On behalf of CAREducation Trust, Committee and members, I would like to welcome you all to our Caregolf day.

– Vijay Thakkar

Captains Corner

Dear Members and Guests,

Days like this brings everyone together and your participation along with sponsorships and donations brings great benefit in the lives of children who may have no future.   The work CAREducation does in various schools makes impoverished children feel valuable and special.   I strongly believe when we educate a child,  it makes them feel more confident and as they grow they are likely to make good decisions that help them succeed.   It’s not just the individual and families who benefit but with time the community.  I have seen this first hand when Nisha and I, along with trustees and donors visited the Himalayan Buddhist School in Manali set amidst snow-clad Mountains.  It was a joy to see so many children and their parents being proud of what they have achieved.  Some of our students have become Engineers, others taking up further study in Media or doing their PhD.    There is a thriving community built around the school and the Buddhist Cultural Association is also helping to keep the language and culture of Tibet and India alive.    The school works for the welfare of the underprivileged and poor children in the Himalayan borderland.

Raising funds through Golf days are becoming harder and it will be the trend going forward.   Last year we raised £16,500 and this year if we raise half of that we would be lucky.   Working in finance it is interesting to see that the overall wealth of individuals have gone up considerably over the last 10 year but that is not reflected in the donations made towards good causes.  People are definitely playing more golf but not in charity games and as result donations and contributions to good causes are low.   Perhaps there is complacency, perhaps the interest is lost as priorities in life have changed.  The one thing has not changed is the good work of Caretrust and the smiles it brings on children’s faces.  It has been a privilege to have been Captain of Caregolf for two terms in 2007/8 and 2018/19.   It makes me proud that in 2007 it was the start of our fundraising of the Himalayan Buddhist School and to have visited it in 2018 to see it fully completed and running.

I hope you all have a fun day irrespective of your skill level and would like to thank you all for your support and am looking forward to meeting each of you during the day.

Best Wishes

Vijay Thakkar


11:30 Registration & Breakfast Brunch
12:45 Group Photo
13:00 Tee off from 2 tees
Halfway House
19:00 Dinner / Presentation

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Brunch Menu

Scrambled Eggs, Baked Beans, Hash Brown, Fried Eggs Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Vegetarian Sausages, Toasted Bagels

Cold buffet

Selection of Cereals, Toast station with a selection of Jams & Preserves, Selections of Fresh Fruit and Cheese, Yoghurts, Tea, Coffee & Fruit Juices

Masala Tea

Dinner Menu

Starters: Chilli Tofu
Mains: Pan-fried Chicken with Sag aloo, Dal and Curry Oil
Oven Roasted Salmon Fillet with Crushed New Potatoes and Asparagus
Vegetarian Wellington with Mash Potato and Tomato Sauce
Desserts: Mini Desserts (on each table), Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, Fruit Platters, Tea & Coffee / Masala Tea

Trustees Note

Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

CAREducation Trust has a number of on-going projects that we are fund raising for and we provide an overview of a few of them.

We have committed to supporting a number of construction based projects, detailed below.

1. Bilimora, here we have funded the construction of a boys hostel and girls hostel. Now there is a need to improve and upgrade the kitchen and dining facilities in the boys hostel. This is proposed to cost approximately £24,000.

2. Whilst we have fulfilled our main objective of constructing the residential school in Manali at a cost in the region of £400,000, there was a need for further guest houses to enable future volunteers to visit and support the school. This is estimated to cost approximately £25,000.

3. The Auro Foundation in Uganda has very successfully completed the building of Phase 1 of their plans to support vocational training for young adults. They have vastly increased their number of students enrolled and improved the level of teaching and skills taught. There is now a need to improve facilities of sanitation and electricity to ensure their work can continue and expand further. This is estimated to cost approximately £30,000 in addition to the £30,000 Care has previously sent for the first phase.

4. Another on going project we are supporting is in Mombasa, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. There is a need to expand their facilities to improve and increase their reach. Our current commitment for the expansion works are approximately £35,000.

5. Finally the latest project we have taken on is called Winner Convent School, with charity partner Vibhavari in Madhya Pradesh. There are a number of needs in this very rural remote school which serves children from the surrounding villages. Primarily there is a need to improve their transportation facilities so that more children can be collected to attend the school, as well as the pre-school classroom facilities. Initially we are looking to raise £20,000 for this project.

This is a brief summary of a select few of our current projects. Please do let us know if you would like more information or would like to know about other projects.

Once again I take this opportunity to thank all the Caregolf members and our donors for the support over the past 20 years.

Kaushik Lakhani

Our Sponsors

Our Donors

Nilesh Majeethia & Family
Shailesh Kansagra – £251
Satish Ruparelia – £251
Bharat Sodha – £200
Citibond – £101
Lalitaben Patel – £100

We believe this problem can be tackled at grass roots and help parents understand that education is the best thing for their children and the future growth of their community.

Contact Details

Get in touch if you have any questions

Vijay Thakkar
07798 904592

Anil Dattani
07715 170 035

One person can’t change the world, but you can sure change the world for one person.