Abi Gaun is a remote village in Dhading at an altitude of around 2000 metres. This village has no electricity, telecommunication and no access to roads. It takes two days to walk to the nearest road. Hit by a devastating earthquake, in April 2015, Abi Guan has not received any aid due to its remote location and as a result most families live in temporary sheds or even tents. 

Year Setup



Dhading, Nepal

No. of Children Impacted



School Building Reconstruction

Local Partners

MZ KZ Foundation; Hope4Smile & Build Up Nepal

Prior to Our Involvement

School building was damaged in the earthquake therefore the children are forced to use temporary shelter buildings. The attendance of children has dropped from 70 to 52.

Our Impact

We want to support the reconstruction of the school building and increase the capacity so the local children have a good basis of education from the very beginning.

Project update: December 2019

The construction at the Abi Gaun school in Nepal is underway, the walls are going up.  It is too inaccessible to transport bricks to the school, therefore they are produced on site.

“The school was destroyed in the earthquake and all the kids are now studying in a temporary shed. This is very difficult especially in winter due to the cold weather.”