CARE supports vocational training centres to provide adolescents with specialist skills to gain an opportunity of developing a source of income.

Year Setup



Bssi Pathana, Fategarh Sahib, Punjab

No. of Children Impacted



Vocational / Healthcare

Local Partners

Meher Baba Charitable Trust

Prior to CARE’s Involvement

Young children were being brought up in poor sanitary conditions with poor hygiene standards. Also, many bright, young individuals were unable to proceed to higher education due to the affordability of the courses as they were from families living below the poverty line.

CARE’s Impact

CARE provides free vocational training in courses such as Phulkari (embroidery), basic computer skills, networking and web design. These courses enable students to master the skills and use them to provide a source of income. Young children are also educated on basic sanitation and personal hygiene. CARE are helping young girls attain self-sufficiency by acquiring skills and supporting their families economically.

“The Rickshawalas visit brought an awareness of the concept of Women’s Liberation to the village girls of Fatehgarh Sahib District in Punjab. The girls were inspired by the young Rickshawalis and their selfless, daring adventure trip. When I visit Bassi Pathana, it makes me proud to see the young villagers who have been inspired to work for a better and brighter future.”

Manoj Saluja