We have helped to build a centre in the heart of the slums to encourage local families to educate their children. The centre teaches the slum children basic life skills and provides them with primary education.

Year Setup



Savar Kundla, Gujarat, India

No. of Children Impacted




Local Partners

Nividya Trust

Prior to Our Involvement

There were no educational facilities for the children that reside in the slums. Instead of going to school the children would start work to support their family.

Our Impact

We funded pre-schools in the slums of the Savar Kundla area. There are no fees for these children to attend. The school runs two educational sessions a day in the morning and the afternoon, giving opportunities to a large number of children.

The impact CARE has had on the children at Savarkundla cannot be underestimated, having provided many children in the slums with educational opportunities and giving them a fighting chance of a better future.”

Nishil Shah