Here at CAREducation Trust, we love it when volunteers here from the UK visit our centres across India and Africa. We’re very honoured to have partnered with students at Warwick and Nottingham Unversity who founded ProjectCARE.

ProjectCARE is a group of students passionate about raising funds and awareness for the amazing work done in developing countries by CAREducation. The group has been formed and functioning for the past four years and has so far successfully run annual trips to Bhuj, and Manali India in order to work in a school for children with varying disabilities. We have raised over Fifty thousand pounds through our fundraising efforts, with 100% of all donations going directly to the schools.

The teams are currently at our school in Bhuj, Madhapar. Below are some links to their latest blogs:

1. Girls, Gaana and Guju – Whilst sitting in a classroom of boys aged 10-11, one particular boy noticed from my repetition of the word ‘ha’ (yes) that I was clearly not from around here. Helpfully however, he tried to speak in English to me. He then proceeded to bombard me with a list of English films that he liked, one of which was the X-men franchise. Read the full article.

2. A New Perspective – On Sunday we visited an old age home which was also set up by CAREducation. Having previously been to the old people’s home back in 2014, I thought I knew what to expect. When I came 3 years ago this was the most emotional part of my trip, and for many others this year, it was the same. Read the full article.

3. Horsing Around – We taught the girls school body parts, with Ira drilling in head, shoulders, knees and toes and Nikita focussing on including the deaf girls too. The children also take an interest in our social lives. They love to ask the girls their age and when they are getting married (we’re only 19!), and give us pitying looks when they hear that we are not even engaged. We should probably get on shaadi.comRead the full article.


Project CARE Warwick
Project CARE Nottingham

Follow the ProjectCARE blog here.

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