Project Care is an organisation of volunteers who aim to facilitate volunteering trips to and raise money for schools in India supported by CAREducation.


The initiative was conceived by a group of students following the first volunteering trip to a school in Bhuj in 2013. The trip was comprised of 13 Warwick University students who, led by Project Care’s Co-Chairs Darpit and Roopal, traveled out to Gujarat and worked for a fortnight at Shree Navchetan Andhjan Mandal.

The school was set up for Indian children with varying disabilities; ranging from physical to behavioural. Over their time at the school the group were teaching lessons, both academic and extracurricular, and playing with the children in their spare time.

Following the enormous success of this first trip, it was decided to run the trip annually, thus the Warwick Bhuj Project was founded. The 2014 group enjoyed similar success as the first trip and, since this, the project is expanding to send volunteers to one of CARE’s other schools in Manali.

The project has also branched out to Nottingham University who will be sending their own group of students this September. The project has continued to grow since its formation in 2013 and is, for the first time, organising three volunteering trips to India this year.

The expansion of the project to other universities and schools in India necessitated the name change from The Warwick Bhuj Project, to Project Care.