Trustee’s Report: Dec 2012

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Every cloud has a silver lining. Just like the Bhuj Earthquake in 2001 led CARE to build a huge school for 1200 children, facilities for disabled children, outreach programmes, etc., the land slide in Manali last year was initially thought to be a disaster for our school project. However, once the debris was cleared, the hill cut back and taking the building right up to the hill backing it to prevent further mud slides, up to 40% more space was created (making a total of 100,000 sq ft in total area) for building additional classrooms going from Nursery up to Standard 12 (A Levels), Hostel for higher education students (at university level), vocational training centre for light engineering work and a clinic. Of course, this expansion comes at a cost of approximately £85,000 (in addition to the £326,000 already committed and sent).

The centre can now accommodate up to 350 children. We can be immensely proud of this project which will indeed reach out to many children from the Himalayan region who would not otherwise have this opportunity of attaining an education. In the taking for 2012, we ensured that no child was turned away, and instead of 35 children we were able to take over 60 children.

There is more to be done, the work does not end here.

The Trustees continue to be grateful to all the volunteers for their tireless work in support of CARE to help these poorest and down trodden children of this world. We also thank all the advertisers, supporters, sponsors and everyone who has donated their time free of charge and selflessly over the past 11 years to help the Trust in its endeavours. Every member of CARE should feel proud of what we have achieved. But, as we always say, there is more to be done – the work doesn’t end here.

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