Along with other charities and community organisations we are working together for a mutual cause:


We are collecting CLOTHES & BOOKS for the under-privileged in places like INDIA, NEPAL & KENYA.

This is a great initiative and everyone is encouraged to participate, especially the Younger members of our Association. We would like the kids to help on the day ORGANISE and PACK the clothes and books donated by members.

Out of respect for our fellow humans, who will receive the clothes, please ensure that donated clothes are CLEAN & in GOOD WEARABLEconditions. We require: Adult & Children clothes, e.g. Shirts, T-shirts, jeans & trousers and traditional Indian clothes (e.g. Women’s sarees).

Collection Dates

  • Sun 11 Sept 2016 at Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar
  • Fri 16 Sept 2016 at Veerayatan at Kingsbury High School
  • Sat 24 Sept 2016 at Shishukunj Bhavan, Edgware
  • Sat 8 Oct 2016 at Shishukunj Bhavan, Edgware
  • Sat 8 Oct 2016 (evening) at Kadva Patidar
  • Sun 9 Oct 2016 (afternoon) at Kadva Patidar

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