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A note from team leader Ronak

By September 9, 2013 2 Comments

Exactly 156 days since our initial “ice-breaker” meeting, and the departure day is finally here! Excitement is in the air and preparations are ready for CARE Trek – the trip of a lifetime to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

For the good part of two months, there was only one person signed up to be doing this challenge, but this grew quickly and exponentially with our final team of 35. It has been amazing that the team has been inspired to grow right up until the last couple of weeks.

The trek will be sure to be a fantastic journey for everyone individually as well as a team; living new experiences, rewarding challenges and stunning views!

The CARE Trekkers!Between the 35 of us, our team spirit has been great with everyone chipping in to organise different aspects of the trek, sharing training ideas, going together on training hikes and even saving each others lives!! Collectively we have already raised close to £30,000, for CAREducation Trust!

I have no doubt that all 35 of us will fulfil our aim to reach the top of the mountain. We have a caring and experienced head guide and a determined team that will help each other to overcome any obstacles. The thought of knowing how much of a difference we can make to underprivileged children will be our motivation to push us along.

Good luck to all the Trekkers… see you all at the top!

Ronak Maroo

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  • Ketan, Harsha, Suraj says:

    Best wishes on your climb on Mt Kili!
    Your fund raising is for such a good cause and we wish you all the success in your trip.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Dines & Versha says:

    It wasn’t until the last day before departure did it finally sink in and I awoke to realise- the magnitude of the task that both my daughters Meera & Bhavni and indeed all 35 people in the group had taken upon themselves to effectively ‘conquer’ Mt.Kilimanjaro (for want of a better word) in so doing not only achieving a personal goal in fitness and endurance, but raising money for the under privileged kids’ education.Tonight they reached the first milestone and the first night at the Machame Hut(2980m).Must be going through mixed emotions-knackered but a proud achievement, excitement ,elation, beaming with joy………
    Well done all of you-Good Luck ,all the best and keep it up’-Brave’ is one of the words used to describe this whole episode by one of my partners at work(Chris from the company’ Pure Mind’).Our support and strength to all of you.Good day tomorrow -from Dines,Versha & Princess.

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