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Southbank Centre celebrates International Women’s Day

During the month of March many establishments are holding events such as conferences, talks and productions to celebrate International Women’s Day. One particular establishment is the Southbank Centre, who are hosting the WOW (Women of the World) festival 2014. Many of their events will be free including the introductory event on the 3rd March. On arrival there is the opportunity to network with others and discuss your thoughts and ideas behind this thought-provoking festival, with a special performance from singer/harpist Serafina Steer! Make the most of this festival and register for your tickets, with the following link.

The events are running predominantly from the 3rd- 8th March but you will find other events to explore and attend through the rest of the month. A day pass is available for 8th March, which is International Women’s Day, that allows you to access all the listed exhibitions during the day, including the eagerly awaited Malala Yousafzai talk ticket at half price.

Women of the World 2014

Malala has become an iconic inspiration for education rights for girls all over the world in such a short space of time. Who knew that by trying to silence her, would only make her louder. She will be discussing the relationship between Pakistani and British societies, and how important it is for us to realise our own domestic injustices. She will talk about gender inequality and how this is not an excuse to restrict someone from obtaining an education.

Women of the World 2014

The incidence of the Delhi gang rape is known to most of us, we cannot hide from the media storm and uproar that it has caused. The horrific acts shocked the world and the reality of this recurrent issue has been brought to the stage. The award winning theatre production is called “Nirbhaya” which means “the fearless one”. Look out for our post-production review! It promises to be a powerful experience.

Make the time to head down to the Southbank Centre this month and experience what they have to offer. You would be mad to miss it!

By Dilisha Patel


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