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CAREducation’s dedication to International Women’s Day

Welcome to CAREducation’s dedication to International Women’s Day.

Welcome to CAREducation Trust’s dedication to International Women’s Day. We will be dedicating an entire month to commemorate the “Women of the World”. This is also being celebrated around the world on the 8th March, so keep your eyes peeled for the pre-arranged events.

We find that the importance and impact women have is often underestimated; did you know that an educated woman is more likely to ensure her children also obtain an education in comparison to a woman without education? The impact of this is phenomenal.

International Womens Day Why have women been disregarded, disrespected and gone unheard for all these years? How can education be the key? Is the change in sight? Are we undergoing it now? Can influential organisations such as Gates Foundation, UN Women, Womankind Worldwide and many others make a difference? Will Malala’s voice help bring the change?

Join us, let’s work together.

Join us on this journey for the month of March, to find out all the trials and tribulations that women face, the opinions of men and how we can all be the change.

Calling all men and women of the world, please contact us if you would like to share your views, and feature during this campaign of “Women of the World”.

Let your voice be heard.



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