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Our patrons recently visited the Cerebral Palsy Foundation that we support in Mombasa, here is their report:

On Wednesday 1 April 2015 we had the opportunity to visit the foundation on behalf CAREducation Trust.

We were taken there by Mona Doshi, a local resident who keenly supports and participates in these worthwhile projects.

We were very warmly welcomed by Headmistress Shamsa and her team who operate the Foundation. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Anjay Patel joined us for the visit.

We saw the children in different classes, participating in various activities fully supported by the teachers and also by the parents and other family members. Our immediate impression was that of a well organised and efficient programme of teaching for each class. All the classes were buzzing with activities with smiling and enthusiastic children. More capable children were also being taught computer skills and the whole ethos of teaching at every level is for these children to become independent and self reliant individuals in society.

Coincidentally, it was the World Autism Awareness Day, and all the children had prepared a performance programme for the parents and the guests. The programme included individual and group performances of poetry, singing, dancing and a detailed presentation for awareness of Autism. It was a very touching and moving experience to see the joy and happiness of the performers whose only desire is to be accepted in society.

On behalf of CAREducation Trust, we made a presentation for the continuing sponsorship of 10 children at the Foundation which was greatly appreciated by the Headmistress and the Board of Trustees. In turn, we were presented with a beautiful handmade basket made from newspapers, and handmade beaded jewellery, all made by the children.

We will always treasure the memories of our visit to the Foundation – our admiration of the staff for their patience and dedication and the happy and smiling faces of the children.

Ashok & Rekha Sodha

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